Hospital Management

Hospital Management

Los Angeles Hospital Management is providing solutions for Hospitals and Healthcare Organizations in UAE and Internationally.

Our clients will benefit from our “one-stop shop” solutions including the design of hospitals to development of facilities, operations management and consulting services, all of which are designed to offer high quality and the best cost efficient solutions.

We have more than 10 years’ experience in healthcare management and are able to provide unique solutions to meet the needs of our unique clients.



Hospital Management

A critical success factor for any organization is achieving operational efficiency, however, healthcare organizations are increasingly challenged when it comes to properly utilizing resources, improving care and reducing costs.

By minimizing bottlenecks and implementing solutions that will drive effective solutions to common problems, any business can thrive.

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Medical Management

Healthcare delivery is reliant on science and technology to provide the latest clinical services and advanced clinical medicine.

Changing healthcare environment requires physicians to accept administrative and management responsibilities.

Physician executives will provide these services and oversee clinical care management and ensure compliance with regulatory requirement.

Following evidence-based Medicine Guidelines to support patient care such as risk factors and danger signs, specimen collection, diagnosis, pharmacological management, and case management.

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Quality Management

Operations Management are the processes of design, operation and improvement used to deliver a hospitals services.

Los Angeles HM’s Managers plan and control the delivery processes and systems within a hospital to make operations more effective and efficient.

Through management of Quality and Performance we help hospital to become better in Healthcare delivery.

Effective Management uses methodologies, tools and techniques of operations management to reach this goal of excellence in clinical outcomes and operational performance.

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Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation, or formerly known as Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), is an independent organization in the UAE that evaluates and sets Hospitals Accreditation Standards for healthcare organizations.

The organization operates a more stringent evaluation for hospitals in the UAE and a set of standards designed for International institutions.

Los Angeles HM operates the facilities we manage under Joint Commission standards and we aim to take hospitals that are not accredited to full accreditation.

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Clinical Capital Planning

Healthcare facilities are always undergoing changes, either through expansion or through change of services. Therefore, hospitals must allocate resources for clinical capital planning for facilities within their organization’s program and their strategic priorities.

Our experts will evaluate healthcare facilities and help you understand the implications of trends in the organization and delivery of health care services. They will establish Capital Planning and Investment Control.

Los Angeles HM will provide clinical planning in all areas where clinical services are delivered, optimize the delivery and the clinical outcomes and in Health Care Facilities development.

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Facilities Management

Operation of healthcare projects requires a functioning system of management to keep facilities at the highest level of operation and to avoid down time.

Facility Management takes care of all maintenance and general up keeping of building, security, maintenance and at the same time applies procedures to keep the cost for facility management at a minimum Operational Management Process is designed to ensure seamless operation.

Facilities Management includes strategic-tactical and operational management. It has impact on provision of space, services, costs and business risk.

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Hospital Development

Los Angeles HM and Fletcher Thompson have teamed up in Hospital Planning and Design to design, build and operate hospitals that incorporate latest technology, state of the art facilities and cutting edge medicine.

We establish a Hospital development plan, that incorporates all elements that will make the delivery of services a success. We work with our partners in Hospital Layout/Design and incorporating U.S. Hospital Design Standards.

The foundation upon which a successful project is based on lies in the Project Definition, which is the development of the Building itself and the development of clinical services delivery.

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HR Management

Human Resources Management is one of the many challenges facing healthcare organizations today is how to improve their Human Capital Services and enhance employee satisfaction all while reducing day-to-day operating costs.

Los Angeles HM understands these challenges and is committed to helping you develop strategies and methodologies for cost-effective and efficient delivery of all areas in Human Resources services.

In particular hospitals are organizations with many employees and need for a managed environment from recruitment to performance management.

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International Recruitment

Los Angeles HM knows that the most crucial factor in managing a hospital is the ability to attract and retain employees.

International health care recruitment is a solution to any hospital to overcome these limitations in the healthcare professional marked. Constraint by staff results in constraints in service delivery.

Our Global Medical recruitment division delivers global recruitment for healthcare professionals in physician, nursing and allied health jobs including the Middle East, Asia and Africa.

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Medical Equipment Planning

Medical Equipment Planning is part of the hospital design process for every new hospital. Medical Equipment is changing all the time become more advanced and more comprehensive.

Our planning process includes seeking the best possible equipment option for a hospital recognizing the clients’ needs and financial conditions.

Los Angeles HM works with international hospital engineering firms in the design of healthcare facilities that meet U.S. hospital standards including the supply and installation of medical and related technical equipment including all relevant consumables.

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Strategic Planning

The success and growth of hospitals today depends largely on an organization’s strategic planning and management.

Hospitals are complex institutions that require detailed planning and strategic Goals for Hospitals in order to make hospital operation a success.

However, only the right kind of planning will differentiate between those providers who will thrive and those at risk of closure.

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